Epic Holiday Party Slots

Holidays and parties… who doesn't like a slice of that action, hmm? If it sounds appealing and you'd like to get involved, we've got a full slot game review of the Epic Holiday Party slot for you right here.

If you want to know more before spinning those reels for the first time, we've got answers to all those questions floating around in your head. Here we go!

Developer information for this slot game

We can thank one famous team for creating the Epic Holiday Party online slot - none other than the people at RTG (Realtime Gaming).

Demo partying is available!

RTG always supplies a practice slot if you'd rather try a game before committing any of your budget to it. That is true of this one too.

Is this theme as simple as it sounds?

Are we partying away with little sign of anything more complex? You may be surprised to see a mix of Christmas and the New Year here, with some festive touches dovetailed along with the turn of the old year into the new. It's something we haven't seen before for sure.

A bright and engaging design

Color makes more than a splash here, as you'll see from a screenshot or when you load the game to try it. Festive games usually look cool and this one is no exception. It has that traditional party feel to it for sure.

How to start playing this slot… and what to expect

The format in Epic Holiday Party is clear enough - five reels with three symbols stopping on each when the spinning stops. You'll also spot four progressive prizes waiting to be won. Those appear to the side of the fifth reel of the game. Meanwhile, on the left of your screen next to reel one, you'll see four people. There is more to those than you might think, but we'll cover their roles later.

One surprise is the presence of two wilds instead of one. Look for the bag of gold that turns up on reels two, three, or four. The second wild is a snow globe, and this appears on the third reel only, although multipliers come into play here. Wilds cannot replace the scatter, which in this case looks like a Christmas tree in keeping with the theme.

Paylines in Epic Holiday Party

This bit was fast to write because there are none! The game uses the 243 ways to win idea rather than offering a limited selection of lines.

Make sure you understand your bets

You can play from eight cents per spin in this game. However, there are far more options than you'd see in your average slot game.

The basic wager mentioned above doesn't open the way to get a chance to score a jackpot. To do that, you must activate one of the characters on the left of the screen. Each one connects to a jackpot, with each one raising the bet to give you a chance to win it. Of course, the odds of winning any of the progressives are not going to be in your favor, but it is wise to understand how the betting works.

We suggest loading the demo and playing around with the bets and the activation of the different characters. You can then work out where your ideal bet would sit.

Paytable information

The paytable tells you everything about the game and what to expect. You can view all the symbols and see how they work in relation to the game, too.

Bonuses are out of bounds here

That's all we need to tell you, we guess.

Free spins may hide under the tree…

Well, not underneath it, but finding three Christmas trees with all their decorations does bring you a gift worth 12 free games. Wilds are commonly seen during these spins, so you may well spot prizes along the way.

No RTP from RTG

That's not a puzzle - it just means that Realtime Gaming never releases any return to player details for their games, and that is true of this slot as well.

Is this a party worth attending?

You don't even need to leave home to attend it, so yes, we guess this game is worth checking out. Epic Holiday Party does have some intriguing features, and even if you don't play for the jackpots you can still look forward to seeing some wilds and scatters in action. We're rating this as a 7.5 out of 10 points slot.

Look out for some winners

The jackpots could drop at any time, so we'll let you know if we hear of any progressive prizes being won by people playing the game.

Play for some New Year entertainment

This game looks and feels good and is ideal for this time of year, although you could happily play whenever you wish - and in demo mode, too!¬

Play for real during party season

December through to the New Year is the perfect time to check out the real version of this game. Of course, those jackpots are available all year…

Mobile gaming with this Epic Holiday Party

Ditch that computer, grab your smartphone or tablet, and play the game on Android or iOS as you wish. It's a great experience to pass the time.